What We Do

Residential Computing supports broadband, reliable network connections throughout the residence halls and campus apartments, including wireless connectivity in dining facilities and many other common spaces. Our staff, primarily made up of Berkeley students, provide knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive technical support to our residential clients for their network connections, computing needs, and cable TV service.

Our customers include undergraduate and graduate students, family housing residents, live-in faculty, and conference guests. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients can fully utilize network resources for their academic and personal needs through our provision of in-room Internet and wireless access, as well as technology resources in each unit's Academic Services Center (ASC). We are continually available to residents through timely phone, email, and in-person support to help resolve any technical issues that may arise.

We ensure that all computers connected to the network meet campus minimum security standards, and we continually work to educate all residents about the importance of using legal services to obtain digital media and about smart and safe use of technical resources.


Residential Computing includes a large group of front-line customer support staff (Residential Computing Consultants) as well as teams of senior staff, who are responsible for developing and maintaining systems and applications, providing technology resources to residents, marketing and outreach, and for management and oversight of ResComp's programs and services.


Administration and Management

Anne Marie Richard, Ph.D. Director, Student Technologies
Anna Blankinship Student Leadership & Recruitment Coordinator
Keenan Parmelee Technical Services Manager
Kim McPhee Operations Support Coordinator
Hayley Bower Student Services Outreach Manager
Ashley Song Student Staffing Coordinator
Rona Cabrera Student Services Outreach Assistant

Desktop Administration

Steven Chau Lead Desktop Administrator
Henry Rowswell Desktop Administrator
Omer Azam Desktop Administrator
Thomas Kim Desktop Administrator

Desktop Consultants

Mia Shin Lead Desktop Consultant
Alice Cai Desktop Consultant
Derrick Hu Desktop Consultant
Elena Zhang Desktop Consultant
Isaac Yi Desktop Consultant
Matthew Leong Desktop Consultant
Nanavati Low Desktop Consultant
Noah Kang Desktop Consultant
Patrick Hong Desktop Consultant
Jonathan Tau Desktop Consultant

Desktop Engineering

Sebastian Birthelmer Lead Desktop Engineering Consultant
Luke Levis Desktop Engineering Consultant

Information Security

Bon Jin Koo Information Security Analyst
Arlan Jaska Information Security Engineer
Skyler Rojas Information Security Engineer
Jack Chou Information Security Engineer
Mina Li Information Security Consultant


Kristen Lee Lead Marketing Coordinator
Allison Yee Web Designer
Anna Nguyen Publications Designer

Network Engineering

Gang Hoon Kim Lead Network Engineering Assistant
Samuel Son Senior Network Engineering Assistant
Joseph Corvino Network Engineering Assistant
Roy Kim Network Engineering Assistant
Daniel Li Network Engineering Assistant
Hsiang Cheng Network Engineering Assistant
Unzi Park Network Engineering Assistant

Operations Support

Julie No Operations Support Lead
Anna Liu Operations Assistant
Edward Bueno Operations Assistant
Hanqing Chen Operations Assistant
Josh Jang Operations Assistant


Zachary Schneider Lead Programmer
Albert Hu Programmer
Grantland Hall Unix Programmer for Network Access Control
Sidharth Goel Programmer
Yuta Labur Programmer

Technical Trainers

Yannie Yip Lead Technical Trainer
Allen Fang Technical Trainer
Ekaxi Hernandez Technical Trainer
Genesy Hernandez Technical Trainer
Jessica Ortiz Technical Trainer
Scott Wun Technical Trainer

Quality Assurance

Jacques Caillault QA Lead
Brian Yin QA Engineer
Jackson Chang QA Engineer
Nolan Lum QA Engineer
Sunjay Koshy QA Engineer

Unit 1

Daniel Chung RCC
Jesse Luo RCC
Josephine Kao RCC
Joshua Scherschel RCC
Michael Lee RCC

Martinez Commons

Alana Tran RCC
Harry Li RCC
Jason Won RCC
Jeremy Wan RCC
Mason Holt RCC
Matthew Deng RCC

Foothill, Bowles, & Stern

Austin Lien RCC
Brian Tseng RCC
Gurpreet Heer RCC
Michael Signorotti RCC

Clark Kerr Campus

John Lee RCC
Kirushanth Ravindran RCC
Jim Hsiao RCC

University Village Albany

Calvin Lui RCC
Colbert Guan RCC
Cyrus-Jan Batino RCC
Peter Lee RCC
Mingxi Zheng RCC
Terry Tsai RCC
Tricia Fu RCC

Unit Supervisors

Tarika Soni Lead Unit Supervisor
Hyunjae Kim CKC Supervisor
Jason Kim Unit 2 + MC Supervisor
Jonathan Ebueng Unit 4 Supervisor
Michelle Yang Unit 1 Supervisor
Sheila Wagner Unit 3 Supervisor
Stephen Sun UVA Unit Supervisor

Unix Systems Administration

George Pearman Lead Unix Systems Administrator
Han Wang Unix Systems Administrator
Kevin Lin Unix Systems Administrator
Nicholas Sun Unix Systems Administrator
Nick Herson Unix Systems Administrator

Windows Systems Administration

Richard Chao Lead Windows Systems Administrator
Tammy Huie Windows System Administrator
Teresa Jiang Windows System Administrator
Ann Tang Windows System Administrator
Imran Yousuf Windows System Administrator
Helen Qin Windows System Administrator
Ryan Riddle Windows System Administrator

Assistant Office Coordinator

Michelle Valle-Perez Executive Assistant to the ACIO
Geraldine Burrola Assistant Office Coordinator
Emmanuella Hristova Assistant Office Coordinator

Student Jobs

Thank you for your interest in working for Residential Computing! ResComp is part of the larger Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT) department, and across the organization we have between 90 and 100 student staff working in a variety of technical and non-technical roles.

Our student job opportunities include front-line customer service for students and staff, software development, web development, administrative support, server and systems administration, technical training, and marketing and design. Positions range from entry-level to supervisory to technical. While training is provided for all positions, we look for highly motivated candidates with some relevant experience who can learn and apply skills quickly.

At ResComp and SAIT, students hold positions with high levels of responsibility and perform mission-critical functions. There are many opportunities to advance within the organization and to work in leadership roles.

While our work environment is professional and prepares our staff for serious, real world jobs after graduation, our student staff enjoy a relaxed, social, and supportive workplace. They earn competitive pay and can set their own hours to accommodate class schedules. And, there is often food, snacks, and candy.

For questions about ResComp and SAIT hiring, email

Contact Us

For technical support and computer help, please log in to Helpdesk or visit our Support page.

For any other issues, please contact us at the following email addresses:

  • ResComp General Mailbox

    For general inquiries or complaints regarding the Office of Residential Computing, its employees, network, and services.

  • Webmaster

    If you have any questions about the website or have found a problem, please notify us at this address.

  • Human Resources

    For questions or inquiries regarding hiring issues.

  • Abuse Complaints

    For complaints regarding abuse of the network.

  • Security

    For questions regarding security concerns and policy enforcement.