Learn, Develop, Lead (and get paid)

At ResComp and SAIT, we have a large staff of over 100 students who hold positions with high levels of responsibility and perform mission-critical functions. There are many opportunities to advance within the organization, develop your technical and professional skills, and to work in leadership roles that prepare you for post-college jobs.

In addition, we offer competitive pay, flexible schedules, connections to our alumni network, and a fun, social work environment. If you are interested in a position that challenges you and gives you a chance to learn and apply new skills, please review the available jobs below and apply to the ones that fit your interests and qualifications. Work-study eligible students encouraged to apply!

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Administrative Support

Responsible for support and coordination of SAIT operation, including event coordination, staffing, purchasing, budget tracking, and various administrative and clerical tasks

title hourly rate Summer Commitment hiring
Assistant Office Coordinator 13.00 Required Open
Operations Assistant 15.00 Preferred Not Hiring
Operations Support Lead 17.00 Required Not Hiring
Student Staffing Coordinator 15.00 Preferred Not Hiring

Customer Service and Support

Provide direct technical support, training, and technology resources for all residential and administrative customers of Student Affairs - Information Technologies

title hourly rate Summer Commitment hiring
Desktop Consultant 15.00 Required Open
Lead Desktop Consultant 19.50 Required Open
Lead Technical Trainer 18.50 Required Not Hiring
Lead Unit Supervisor 19.50 Required Open
Residential Computing Consultant (RCC) 14.50 Not Required Not Hiring
Student Services Outreach Assistant 15.00 Preferred Not Hiring
Technical Trainer 15.75 Preferred Open
Unit Supervisor 16.75 Preferred Open

Information Security

Enforce ResComp's network use policies to maintain network security and protect the privacy of all residents' data, as well as educate residents and staff on security awareness and safe computing practices

title hourly rate Summer Commitment hiring
Information Security Analyst 18.00 Preferred Open
Information Security Compliance Analyst 18.00 Required Open
Information Security Consultant 16.75 Required Open
Information Security Engineer 19.25 Preferred Open
Lead Information Security Engineer 22.75 Required Open

Marketing and Design

Responsible for publicizing and branding of ResComp organization, production of web and print materials that promote Residential Computing services, and recruitment for SAIT student jobs

title hourly rate Summer Commitment hiring
Lead Marketing Coordinator 19.50 Required Not Hiring
Publications Designer 16.75 Required Not Hiring
Web Designer 19.25 Required Open

Network Infrastructure

Provide technical customer support and perform set-up and maintenance of network and cable TV connections for all residence halls and RSSP administrative offices

title hourly rate Summer Commitment hiring
Lead Network Engineering Assistant 19.50 Required Open
Network Engineering Assistant 15.25 Required Open
Senior Network Engineering Assistant 16.75 Required Not Hiring

Programming and Production Support

Develop and maintain web applications and internal tools for providing network connectivity and technical support to residents, staff, and campus customers

title hourly rate Summer Commitment hiring
Change and Release Analyst 16.75 Required Open
Lead Programmer 22.75 Required Open
Lead Quality Assurance Engineer 22.75 Required Open
Programmer 19.25 Required Open
Quality Assurance Engineer 19.25 Required Open
Senior Programmer 20.75 Preferred Open

Systems Administration and Support

Administer and maintain systems, servers, and network infrastructure for all SAIT services, as well as management of desktop environment for both residential customers and staff

title hourly rate Summer Commitment hiring
Desktop Engineering Consultant 19.25 Required Open
Desktop Administrator 16.75 Required Open
Lead Desktop Engineering Consultant 22.75 Required Open
Lead Desktop Administrator 19.50 Required Open
Lead Unix Systems Administrator 22.75 Required Open
Lead Windows Systems Administrator 22.75 Required Open
Senior Unix Systems Administrator 20.75 Required Not Hiring
Unix Systems Administrator 19.25 Required Open
Windows Systems Administrator 19.25 Required Open