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Apply to be a Residential Computing Consultant!
Applications due on Wednesday, April 5 @ 5pm.
$ per hour
Summer Not Required

The Team

The Residential Computing Consultant (RCC) team is the primary source of technical support for students on campus and in the residence halls. RCCs work in teams of 4-7, each dedicated to a different location and overseen by a student Unit Supervisor (US). RCCs are a core part of the student leadership program in Student Affairs - Information Technologies (SAIT), serving as direct connection to our student customers and helping to educate students about technology resources to promote academic and personal growth.

The Job

Provide Technical Support & Customer Service for Students:
  • Help ensure that students' personal devices can connect to the network.
  • Help protect students' personal information by supporting the security of their devices (including antivirus software, firewalls, and secure web browsers).
  • Assist with basic hardware and software installations.
  • Educate student customers about technology resources to promote academic and personal growth.
  • Resolve software-related problems to help enable students' academic pursuits.
  • Provide quality assistance to students through positive customer support.
  • Provide 5-7 appointment slots per a week to assist students at their residence hall.
  • Provide office hours support (minimum of 3 hours per week) in the Academic Centers and at our Moffitt Library location for drop-in questions and other tasks.
  • Staff the Residential Computing Helpdesk phone line for 1-2 hours per week.

Teamwork & Projects

  • Work in teams of 3-7 RCCs to provide technical support to customers at all campus housing locations and on campus.
  • Document troubleshooting steps and strategies in coordination with other Residential Computing Consultants.
  • Develop future training materials and work on other projects as needed for the organization.
  • Attend required, weekly meetings with the Unit Supervisor and RCC team.
  • Participate in promotional events like Cal Day and new student outreach.
  • Assist with student staff recruitment for SAIT and ResComp.
What You'll Bring to the Job
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of clients and staff
  • Ability to work productively in teams
  • Ability and motivation to learn new skills
  • Friendly and approachable; responsible and dependable;
  • Some working knowledge of software in one or more operating systems (Windows, Macintosh)
  • Minimum G.P.A. of 2.0
  • Experience teaching or training others
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills, experience writing technical documentation
  • Knowledge of basic computer network troubleshooting
  • Familiarity with various hardware components and software programs
  • Familiarity with Internet resources for software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Background in troubleshooting operating system and/or computer network problems (both peripheral and software related)
  • Ability to learn network management
  • Ability to learn new technology and keep informed of the latest technological advances
  • Minimum G.P.A. of 2.3
What to Expect

RCC candidates will meet with a panel of Unit Supervisors. They will go over your resume and cover letter, asking questions about relevant skills and experience, and then ask questions specific to the position. Cover letters should include previous customer service and/or technical experiences. Scenarios will also be posed to see how the candidate would respond to situations they may encounter on the job. Candidates will also be asked to bring a BearFacts transcript to verify they meet the minimum GPA requirement.

Sample Interview Questions
  • Describe an experience where you worked with a team, and how you operated within it.
  • A RCC has been slacking on their duties and has been missing work. What do you say to your fellow RCCs?
  • Why do you want to be a Residential Computing Consultant?
Availability & Training Requirements
  1. Must be a currently enrolled UC Berkeley student.
  2. Required to begin working the week of August 7, 2017, and continue at least through the end of the 2017-2018 academic year.
  3. Must attend an orientation from 10AM-12PM on Saturday, April 29, 2017, and are highly encouraged to attend the Spring Picnic following the orientation session. Summer work is also available.
  4. Must attend and successfully complete a paid training of up to 40 hours from August 7-11, 2017 and be available to work between 9AM and 5PM during that week. Successful training is determined by practicing a series of RCC tasks at the end of the week.
  5. Required to work during residence hall move-in, August 13-14, 2017, and must be available to work up to full time during campus welcome activities on August 15-22, 2017.
  6. During the first week of instruction, must work 15-25 hours per week providing support to students. During the rest of the academic year, must be available to work 5-15 hours per week, which will include:
    • A minimum of 5 available appointment hours
    • Drop-in office hours at the location of assigned unit
    • At least one phone Helpdesk shift in the Residential Computing office.
    • Must attend mandatory weekly staff meetings with RCC team and Unit Supervisor.
  7. May be asked to return to work up to one week before classes begin in the Spring semester.
  8. A valid driver's license and a driving record check is required for all employees who drive the departmental vehicle in the course of their work (driving is preferred, but not required, for this position).
  9. Continued employment is contingent upon satisfactory job performance evaluation by the Unit Supervisors and Technical Services Manager.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do I have to be a CS/EECS major to apply? How much technical experience is required?

    This is very much not a programming job so you do not need to be a CS/EECS major. No formal technical experience is required. The only requirements we have are that you are passionate about your work, have an interest in technology, enjoy seeking out new challenges, have a desire to engage with people, and bring a unique personality to the RCC family! RCCs are dancers, basketball fans, engineers, film buffs, gamers, boba-chuggers - but we all share an interest in computers and technology. We heartily welcome applicants of all majors.

  2. What's the ResComp work culture like?

    Stuffy cubicles, strictly professional business clothing, and no fun -- these are all characteristics that you will have extreme trouble finding in the ResComp workplace. Our work culture consistently maintains a welcoming environment that fosters collaboration and engagement within and across different teams. We have an open student space conducive to social interaction sometimes resulting in spontaneous nerf gun fights. Although RCCs work primarily to serve the campus community, it is not uncommon for many teams and RCCs to get together outside of the workplace, doing all sorts of things from team dinners to mini-golf to bowling!

  3. What does a typical workweek look like?

    ResComp is team-staffed and run by students, so it's important to us to have a flexible working schedule - with the exception of weekly staff meetings, you set all your own hours. An RCC's weekly schedule, although variable, generally consists of the following:

    • 3 hours of Office Hours - helping students in the Academic Centers and Moffitt Library
    • 0 - 3 hours of Appointments - helping residents at their dorm or apartment
    • 1.5 hours of Helpdesk - taking phone calls in the office at our phone line, 510-642-HELP
    • 1 hour of Meetings - with your unit team or occasionally with all RCC staff. We promise, these aren't boring meetings - there's usually food!
    • 30 minutes-ish of Admin Work - filling out time cards, checking email, following up with residents
    • ??? hours of projects - depending on your availability and students' needs, there are generally opportunities for further projects and workshops on a week to week basis

    As we said - we're all students, and we know that things can get busy. School comes first, which is why we're always happy to accommodate changes in work schedules during the inevitable 3-midterm week. We also pride ourselves on looking out for each other - RCCs are generally happy to cover for each other in the event of occasionally conflicting interviews, vacations, or club events.

  4. How can I find out more about the position?

    Want to learn more about life as an RCC aka the most interesting job in the world? Well then, check out our extremely detailed job description and this very in-depth look at life at ResComp, where fun is part of the job description. Want to talk to a real live RCC? Then, come to our mindblowingly awesome info session on March 13th from 6-7pm and March 24th from 5:30-6:30pm at the Unit 3 APR or come visit us during our Office Hours at any of the units. Bring us your questions and we’ll gladly answer them! Good luck on your applications!

  5. What opportunities for growth does the job have?

    The RCC position is great preparation for our senior-level positions at Residential Computing and the outside work world. Within ResComp, we offer leadership positions in customer service, information security, marketing, network engineering, programming, and system administration. As an RCC you will also have the privilege of being connected to our impressive alumni network, including former-ResComp employees that have gone to work with prestigious companies such as Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Dreamworks!

  6. What would I learn from this position?

    HOW TO BE A ROCKSTAR! [or at least that’s what the students will think when you fix their computer.] But really, you will learn valuable skills like working in a team, problem solving through troubleshooting students' technical issues, and also interpersonal skills such as how to react to others in sometimes stressful situations (because often people are not the happiest when their computer isn’t working). And because ResComp has lots of different people, who knows, maybe you might even come out of this experience knowing how to play soccer, sing, or build a computer even?

This job is not currently open for hiring