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The Lead Desktop Engineer ...
Provides team leadership and project management:
  • Hires, trains, supervises, and conducts performance evaluations for a team of Desktop Engineers.
  • Ensures an equitable distribution of work across team members.
  • Assigns tickets and projects and ensures that staff are providing regular updates on their progress.
  • Evaluates and updates team documentation.
  • Participates in the student leads group in SAIT to help determine larger organizational goals.
Contributes technical engineering and project work:
  • Independently researches, resolves, and responds to complex questions and operational problems.
  • Suggests new projects to improve Student Affairs technical processes or in support of other teams within SAIT.
  • Writes scripts to automate repetitive tasks or remotely perform functions on endpoint machines.
  • Designs new or improve existing systems for workstation-related support in SAIT.
  • Maintains testing environment for thorough vetting of new technologies prior to deployment to customers.
Creates and maintains workstation images:
  • Creates software deployment packages for remote installation on supported workstations.
  • Remotely deploys software updates to supported computers using tools such as Microsoft Windows Server Update Services, Application Virtualization, and IBM's BigFix.
  • Creates and updates computer images to be used by desktop teams on new computers.
  • Modifies and tests campus-provided computer images for use in Student Affairs.
  • Works closely with SAIT Information Security team to ensure computers are meeting the campus minimum security standards.
Collaborates with other teams:
  • Serves as a source of technical knowledge for desktop support teams who need assistance on complicated problems.
  • Works with systems administrator teams and desktop support to develop and implement new processes and technologies.
  • Works with other campus IT departments outside of Student Affairs (namely Campus Shared Services and Endpoint Engineering and Infrastructure) on issues and larger projects.
  • Attends cross-team and other departmental meetings.
Creates documentation and provides training:
  • Documents work thoroughly, both in the SAIT Incident Management system and in the SAIT knowledge base, for use as a reference by other SAIT staff.
  • Learns how to use existing tools and explore options for new tools.
  • Assists with training entry-level staff on technical topics.
Examples of Projects and Daily Tasks:
  • Deploy applications to multiple computers over the network.
  • Write scripts to automate repetitive technical tasks.
  • Send out security updates to applications.
  • Provide advanced troubleshooting guidance to other teams when requested.
  • Research new technologies and, if possible, implement them to improve SAIT processes.
What You'll Bring to the Job
Required Skills:
  • Leadership experience
  • Ability and desire to learn new skills and technologies with minimal supervision
  • Ability to write technical documentation
  • Clear communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability for time management and balancing competing priorities
  • Intermediate experience with Windows (7 or later) or Mac OS X (10.9 Mavericks or later)
  • Experience with technical troubleshooting and/or complicated problem solving
  • Experience with desktop engineering concepts such as registry editing and command-line utilities
  • Familiarity with security tools such as anti-virus and firewall applications
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Advanced experience with Windows and Mac OS.
  • Advanced experience with desktop engineering concepts such as registry editing and command-line utilities (examples: msconfig, ipconfig, regedit)
  • Scripting experience in one or more languages such as BASH, Windows Batch, VBScript, and/or PowerShell
  • Familiarity with Microsoft's Active Directory
  • Prior employment in a computer support role
  • Minimum GPA of 2.3
What You'll Learn on the Job
  • How to write advanced scripts for Windows and Mac system management and troubleshooting
  • How to use advanced tools for remote management, specifically Microsoft's Active Directory, Group Policy, BigFix and many others
  • How to build and deploy a computer image
  • How to deploy software to hundreds of computers simultaneously
  • Intimate knowledge of advanced operating system troubleshooting
Availability & Training Requirements
  1. The period of employment for this position begins upon hire and continues at least through the end of 2017-2018 academic year.
  2. Must be a currently enrolled UC Berkeley student.
  3. Must be available for 5-10 hours per week of training during the spring 2017 semester, including sessions on:
    • February 17
    • April 7
    • April 14
    • 2 days during the week of May 15 (dates/times TBD)
  4. Must be available to work 20-40 hours per week during the summer.
  5. Must be available to work 10-15 hours per week during the academic year.
  6. Required to attend all-staff training on August 18, 2017.
  7. Must clear a criminal background check due to the level of data access and access to systems and physical spaces required by the position.
  8. Continued employment is contingent upon satisfactory job performance evaluation by the Desktop Engineering full-time supervisor.
The Interview
What to Expect

If selected for an interview, a candidate will meet with a hiring panel consisting of members of the Desktop Engineering student team, their supervisor, and possibly a member of another team that regularly works with the Desktop Engineering team. The interview will last about one hour. There will be some general questions to assess a candidates experience and background as it relates to the team followed by more specific technical questions to understand with what concepts they are familiar. For the technical questions, the candidate is not necessarily expected to answer everything correctly, rather the interview panel is instead looking to understand their thinking and troubleshooting process. Finally, the candidate will be expected to bring a printed BearFacts transcript to verify they meet the minimum GPA requirement.

Sample Interview Questions
  • In your own words, please describe the responsibilities of the Desktop Engineer.
  • Describe a time you encountered a difficult computer-related problem. What steps did you take to resolve it? What tools, utilities, or resources did you use?
  • Describe the following command to the best of your ability: ipconfig

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