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Summer Required

The Lead Desktop Administrator ...
Leads the team:
  • Creates, documents, and delegates tasks
  • Schedules and hosts meetings and is responsible for leading discussion
  • Serves as a technical resource to the other Desktop Administrators
  • Works with other leads in communicating issues and projects
  • Acts as a technical resource for Academic Service Assistants
  • Manage relationship between DA team and Academic Center Staff
Contributes technical knowledge:
  • Provides training for Desktop Administrators
  • Participates in training Academic Service Assistants
  • Strives to make the computing experience better for residents
  • Creates new technical documentation and/or updates current documentation
  • Is capable of being an independent learner in technical subjects
Applies technical knowledge in both hardware and software:
  • Troubleshoots basic technical issues
  • Assembles and dissembles various computer desktop configurations
  • Stays aware of technical issues in the Academic centers and notifies other team members
  • Escalates technical issues when necessary
Examples of Projects and Daily Tasks:
  • Annual hardware/computer upgrades for a designated Academic Center
  • Daily check-ins and monitoring of customer requests for all residential housing locations
    • This includes Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Foothill/Stern, Clark Kerr, and University Village family housing
  • Attend weekly meetings with Academic Center Assistants
  • Attend biweekly meetings with Desktop Administrator team
  • Plan biannual training of Academic Service Assistants
  • Daily checking of email.
What You'll Bring to the Job
Required Skills:
  • Previous leadership experience
  • Ability to teach technical skills to non-technical people
  • Effective communication skills
  • Familiarity with Windows 7 and Mac OS X operating systems
  • Familiarity with PC and Mac hardware configurations
  • Familiarity with networking technologies and concepts
  • Ability to research, test, install, troubleshoot, and maintain new software, operating systems, and hardware
  • Motivation to learn new technologies quickly and effectively with minimal supervision
  • Ability to lift 20-30 pounds
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Experience helping others with technical needs (bonus points if you've had a technical role such as Helpdesk support)
  • Solid understanding of network concepts, their definitions, and how the network works
    • Network concepts such as IP/TCP Address, DHCP, Static, DNS, Default Gateway
  • Solid understanding of computer components and what they do
    • SSD vs. HDD, RAM, Processors, Power supply, Motherboards (bonus points if you've built your own computer)
  • Experience with peripheral components such as monitors and their different inputs
    • VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port
  • Experience with 3D printing or CADing software
  • Previous experience leading a team
  • Minimum GPA of 2.3
What You'll Learn on the Job
  • The basic hardware components of a computer and what these components contribute
  • How to troubleshoot both hardware and software issues
  • Basic networking concepts and how the Academic Center's computer network works
  • General understanding of Active Directory and how it works
  • How to manage print funds of residents who use the Academic Centers
  • Computer imaging processes such as WDS and Casper
  • How to effectively contribute to the success and development of a team in a technical environment
  • How to manage several computers and communicate technical knowledge to non-technical people
Availability & Training Requirements
  1. The period of employment for this position begins upon hire and continues at least through the end of 2017-2018 academic year.
  2. Must be a currently enrolled UC Berkeley student.
  3. Must be available for 2-5 hours per week of training during the spring 2017 semester, including sessions on:
    • February 17
    • April 7
    • April 14
    • 2 days during the week of May 15 (dates/times TBD)
  4. Must be available to work 20-40 hours per week during the summer.
  5. Must be available to work 10-15 hours per week during the academic year.
  6. Must participate in Residential Computing Consultant (RCC) training during week of August 7, 2017.
  7. Required to attend all-staff training on August 18, 2017.
  8. A valid driver's license and a driving record check is required for all SAIT employees who drive the departmental vehicle in the course of their work (driving is preferred, but not required, for this position).
  9. Must clear a criminal background check due to the level of data access and access to systems and physical spaces required by the position.
  10. Continued employment is contingent upon satisfactory job performance evaluation by the Technical Services Manager.
The Interview
What to Expect

Lead Desktop Administrator interview candidates will meet with a small panel that includes current staff, the current lead, the team supervisor, and possibly a member of another team who works closely with the Desktop Administrator team. The interview will last about one hour, and will include questions regarding their technical background, technical scenarios, and general questions pertaining to the candidate's resume. Candidates will be asked to bring a BearFacts transcript to verify they meet the minimum GPA requirement. At the end of the interview, you will also be given an assessment to determine your technical knowledge.

Sample Interview Questions
  • Tell me about a scenario where you had difficulty troubleshooting a technical issue. What was the issue and what did you do to solve it?
  • Give an example of a time you demonstrated leadership and team building.
  • Which operating system to your prefer and why?

This job is currently not open for hiring

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